How to remove a 82mm filter that got stuck on a lens.

Filter can be a handy tool, but they also can get stuck on the thread of the lens or on a step ring. Recently I had a filter stuck on a step up ring which I got only loosened with the help of a freezer. While the freezer can help you with a filter that got stuck, it’s not such a portable device if you have to deal with it in the field. There are quite a few dedicated filter wrenches out there, but all that I saw only go up to 77 mm.

Anyway, the kitchen revealed an even better option to deal with this problem. Eddingtons Easy Twist Jar & Bottle Opener works like a charm on stuck filters!

While it’s not tiny, it’s still small and light enough to fit in a camera bag suited for SLRs and multiple lenses.

If you get two, you can even easily untwist filters that got stuck on a step ring.

The picture shows it on a 82 mm filter, which fits just perfectly into the biggest opening. If you bend the bars a bit you should also be able to fit 86 mm filters into it. Bigger might be troublesome. Smaller shouldn’t be a problem at all, I tried 77, 72, 67 and 52 mm, which all fit somewhere. I also tried another tool, something like the Trudeau Silicone Twist Jar Opener, but I found that to be quite fiddly, especially with slim filters.

Hope this helps you as much as helped myself!


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