Do you enjoy the Pink Room?

Recently I spend a weekend in Berlin. We stayed at Paulas Comfy corner and this is the Pink Room:

View on black.

Actually the room is called “The Pink Room”. As the rooms don’t have numbers, they’re called by their very individual color. We “explicitly” asked for a double, and were given the pink room. The second day I was approached by a guy who works there, and he asked, if I was the one who explicitly asked for the Pink Room. This felt kind of strange, and I replied that we didn’t ask for the Pink Room, but for a double. He answered with a kinda strange voice and an even stranger undertone, “Well, do you enjoy the Pink Room?”. Luckily he got a call at that very moment, and we didn’t have the chance to finish our conversation.

If you ever have to stay Berlin, consider this place. Paula, or better Paul, looks like the English answer to Paul Hogan, and is definitely worth having met in person.
Be aware that the locks at the room doors are rather useless. The first night it felt too strange to leave the laptop behind in the room, but it’s fine, Paula has her own way to secure the place, and I think it works fairly well…

Here’s a picture from the Holocaust Memorial:

View on black.

Inside the film and video museum in the Sony Center Berlin:

View on black.

A face above a doorway arch in a backyard:

View on black.

And finally this picture of a “Brazilian” flip-flop. I found it during the German quarter final of the soccer world cup close to the “Fan-Meile”. It’s still difficult for me to understand how one can loose a single flip-flop, as it was plus 30┬░C , and one can hardly be that drunk to not recognize the hot street under an unprotected foot.

View on black.


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