How to remove a 82mm filter that got stuck on a lens.

Filter can be a handy tool, but they also can get stuck on the thread of the lens or on a step ring. Recently I had a filter stuck on a step up ring which I got only loosened with the help of a freezer. While the freezer can help you with a filter that got stuck, it’s not such a portable device if you have to deal with it in the field. There are quite a few dedicated filter wrenches out there, but all that I saw only go up to 77 mm.

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Do you enjoy the Pink Room?

Recently I spend a weekend in Berlin. We stayed at Paulas Comfy corner and this is the Pink Room:

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Clogs & Lego

One gift for my oldest niece’s birthday is a mix CD. Today I shot the cover for it:

View on black

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Russian Communicator

Ever thought that it would be great if your Nikon D40/D90 could meter with an old AI lens?

So far this was only possible using a D200/300 or better. But with the programmable Russian Dandelion chip every Nikon DSLR body will be able to meter with these old lenses.

This is what you’ll need:

These are the instructions for the 2/28 AI-S. While most Nikkors are almost identical, others might differ slightly. I advise you to take a picture before every step you take, this might be a big help when you put things back together…

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